Utah Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Despite its reputation for deserts, Utah is an excellent place for recreational boating. It features more square miles of water than 44 other states. Popular destinations include Lake Powell, Willard Bay and Yuba Lake. State parks provide convenient access to many bodies of water. Boaters have more than 100 different lakes, reservoirs and rivers to choose from.

Serious Boating Dangers

Unfortunately, this recreational activity sometimes results in physical injuries and property damage. The Beehive State outranks most other states in per-capita boating accidents, according to the Deseret Morning News. About 50 percent of these incidents happen on Lake Powell. Numerous accidents occur on Willard Bay, Deer Creek and Quail Creek as well. Natural disasters and fires can also severely damage boats.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Numerous boating enthusiasts choose to gain financial protection from these risks by insuring their vessels. Furthermore, the state government requires many personal watercraft and boat owners to purchase liability coverage. This law reduces the likelihood that you'll lose money due to damage caused by an uninsured boater. Airboats and non-motorized vessels remain exempt from this rule. The same goes for any motorboat with an engine that generates under 50 hp.

Minimum Coverage Rules

As of 2017, the state government requires recreational boat liability policies to cover damage up to at least $15,000. The maximum injury benefit needs to be $25,000 or higher, and the insurer must pay at least $50,000 for boating fatalities. Alternately, a qualifying policy can provide $65,000 or more in total coverage. To prove that they follow this law, boaters need to keep insurance cards or policies in their watercraft.

Utah’s Brent Christensen Insurance offers boat/watercraft insurance throughout the state. Thanks to its integrity and competitive rates, our independent agency has remained in business for over six decades. We can compare policies from multiple recreational boat insurers and find the best coverage for you. To obtain an affordable yet comprehensive policy, please visit our Utah office or call Brent Christensen Insurance at 801-565-1400.

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