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Renters Insurance in Utah

Renters insurance is very similar to homeowner's insurance when it comes to your personal belongings. A renter's insurance policy will pick up the slack where a landlord's policy will not. A landlord's policy will handle liability and issues with the structure of the house itself, while a renter's policy handles your personal belongings and liability of people who are hurt in your home due to negligence on your part.

What Does Renters Insurance in Utah Cover?

A renters insurance policy from Christensen Insurance Group covers personal property, liability damages to others, injuries to others, third-party damages, and the cost of living after a severe accident.

Personal Property Coverage

All of your personal property is covered in a renters policy if your apartment or home is broken into and someone steals your items. It will pay to repair damaged items or replace them if necessary. This portion of the policy also covers items in your car when you are on vacation, and it includes bicycles as well.

Liability Coverage

A renters insurance policy covers the medical bills of a person that is in your home and has an accident that is deemed your fault. This portion of your policy also includes coverage if you damage property in a store or at another person's home. It will also pay for third-party damages. An example of third-party damages is if your apartment bathtub overflows and then it floods into not only your residence but the one below you too.

Cost of Living Coverage

If the apartment or home you are renting has severe damage and you can't live in the home or apartment while it is being repaired. Then your renter's insurance policy will cover the basic necessities for you to stay in a hotel and purchase food until you can move back home.

Securing renters insurance can be confusing. We can help at Christensen Insurance Group and make sure that you purchase a policy with enough coverage to protect you in the event of a claim. You can call us or come by the office in Sandy, UT to learn more about renters insurance.