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Sandy, UT Homeowners Take Advantage of Disaster Protection With Home Insurance

As homeowners, it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected. For example, natural disasters and unfortunate events find themselves across the nation and even across the Utah state periodically. The agents at Christensen Insurance Group understand the importance of being prepared in your home. The damage that can happen to a home during a natural disaster is extensive and can leave the homeowner with quite the obligation financially if their home is not insured. Examples of these disasters are below.

Hail Damage

Hail has the potential to span the entire Utah state, making all homeowners vulnerable to this type of damage. Paired with thunderstorms, hail is a large type of precipitation that has frozen in the air before coming down hard and fast on your home. Because of its size and the speed, it is traveling, it has been known to do significant damages to homes that include breaking windows, destroying gutters, or putting just the right amount of pressure on a dated roof, forcing it to cave.

Fire Damage

Whether an accidental fire is caused from lighting in a thunderstorm or accidental within the home, a fire is one of the leading natural disasters that can destroy a significant portion of a home, or the entire home, depending on the conditions. In many cases, fire damage repair includes replacing rooms in their entirety, making it a large expense to an uncovered homeowner.

Get Disaster Protection Today

If you are a homeowner in or around the Sandy, UT area looking for a new policy or wanting to upgrade a current policy, contact the Christensen Insurance Group today. Our agents are ready to assist you with a new or existing home insurance policy, ensuring that you get maximum disaster protection for your home.