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Common Misconceptions About RV Insurance in Sandy, UT

RV owners often face confusion when selecting the right insurance coverage for their recreational vehicles. Examining common misconceptions about RV insurance and gathering accurate information to make informed decisions about coverage options is important. We at Christensen Insurance Group are dedicated to guiding RV owners through the complexities of insurance policies.

Misconception #1: Auto Insurance Covers RVs

While auto insurance may provide some coverage for your RV, it’s unlikely to offer the comprehensive protection you need. RV insurance is designed to cover the risks and liabilities of owning and operating a recreational vehicle. For complete protection, it’s essential to have a separate RV insurance policy.

Misconception #2: All RV Insurance Policies Are the Same

RV insurance policies can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of RV, its usage, and the policyholder’s preferences. Coverage options include collision, comprehensive, liability, and additional coverages tailored to specific needs, such as full-time RV living or vacation liability. It’s important to carefully review your policy options and choose the coverage that best fits your individual circumstances.

Misconception #3: RV Insurance Is Only Necessary for Frequent Travelers

Even if you don’t use your RV frequently, it’s still crucial to have proper insurance coverage. Accidents and damage can occur anytime, whether your RV is on the road or parked at home. RV insurance can help protect you from financial loss resulting from unexpected events, such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Misconception #4: Homeowners Insurance Covers Your RV

While homeowners insurance may provide limited coverage for the personal property stored in your RV, it typically does not extend to the RV itself or the unique liabilities associated with its use. To ensure your RV and its contents are adequately protected, obtaining a separate RV insurance policy is essential.

Dispelling common misconceptions about RV insurance is crucial for RV owners in Sandy, UT, who want to make informed decisions about their coverage options. Contact us at Christensen Insurance Group for guidance and assistance selecting the right RV insurance policy.

Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your RV is Safe to Hit the Roads This Summer

Recreational vehicles can be an excellent way for people to explore the country while still having a place to rest their heads at night. If your RV has been sitting all winter, there are a few things that Christensen Insurance Group, serving the greater Sandy, UT area, recommends that you do before you hit the roads this summer. Here are a few tips to help ensure your RV is safe before heading out for a summer trip. 

Take Your RV Out For a Test Spin

Before taking your RV out on a trip, be sure to take it out for a test spin around your neighborhood. After an RV has been sitting, you want to pull the RV out and ensure that everything functions. Take the time to check all of the vehicles’ lights, ensure the battery works, and fill the RV up with a new tank of gas. 

Get Your Recreational Vehicle Inspected Before You Hit the Road

If you are traveling a far distance in your RV, you want to get the vehicle inspected before you hit the road. A technician can ensure the tires are good, the brakes function correctly, the belts and hoses are in good condition, and all of the fluids in the vehicle are topped off. 

Ensure Your RV Insurance Policy Is Active and Offers the Protection You Need

Lastly, ensure your recreational vehicle insurance policy is active and offers all the protection you need for your RV. 

Ensuring your RV has the right insurance policy is vital to protecting the RV and the investment you have made in the RV. If you are in need of a new RV insurance policy in the greater Sandy, UT area, Christensen Insurance Group can help. Reach out to our company today to obtain an estimate for a new RV insurance policy. 

A Guide To Help Utah Residents Find RV Insurance Coverage

Christensen Insurance Group provides coverage to the Sandy, UT community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 25 years, we have strived to make sure that our clients find the right policy for their individual needs. We have working relationships with over 20 companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are proud of our status as an independent agency.

RV Insurance Guide

If you are traveling around Sandy, UT in your RV, it’s important to have protection while making these lasting memories. Consider the benefits of RV insurance. The policy allows you to cover one of your unique assets.

You can adjust your policy based on the type of RV that you have. The most popular RVs are motor homes. Collision coverage protects you if your motor home collides with an object. Comprehensive coverage protects your assets against possible theft, an accidental fire, or inclement weather. If you have a trailer or fifth wheel on your RV, you can adjust your policy to cover possible damages and theft. Liability coverage protects you if your RV damages someone else’s property. If you have passengers on your RV, liability coverage protects you if they are injured in any way.

All of your personal items on the RV are covered if they are damaged or stolen. If you plan to renovate your RV, you’ll have to amend your policy to fully cover the new accessories against possible damage and potential theft. Roadside assistance ensures that you will receive immediate help if your RV suffers a flat tire or engine failure. If your RV is severely damaged, you can add replacement coverage so that you’ll receive another one. You can also add temporary living coverage. This ensures that you are protected while finding an alternative place to stay while your RV is repaired.

Christensen Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Asset  

Visit our website to learn more information about RV insurance.

Common RV accidents and how to avoid them

As RVs become more and more popular in Sandy, UT, RV accidents are increasing by the day. It is an excellent way of spending holidays, especially during the summer. However, many new users find themselves making small mistakes that end up causing accidents. At Christensen Insurance Group, we value your safety and therefore recommend buying RV insurance. Whether you are visiting distant relatives or touring the state, here are some of the common RV accidents and how to avoid them.


RVs are more prone to rolling over than other types of vehicles due to their higher center of gravity. High winds also contribute to an RV rolling over, especially if it is lightweight. If your RV is unevenly loaded, it can also rollover. To counter this, try and keep your speed down, park where there are more trees to keep the winds in check and make sure that your RV is correctly loaded before hitting the roads.


Collisions happen everywhere, and it is no different with RVs. Your RV can collide with a tree, a stone, a guard rail, or another car. Fifth wheel vehicles can quickly get out of control and cause major accidents. To help avoid collisions, be sure to keep your speed limit low or even lower when you experience extra dexterity on the roads. Avoid driving while tired or sleepy, and keep a safe distance when driving on the highway.

Tire blowouts

Blowing a tire can be a dramatic and frustrating event, especially when it happens with an RV. Losing a tire in the middle of a highway is a nightmare by itself as it is likely to cause chaos for all the other cars on the highway. To avoid this unfortunate incident, regularly check your tires for wear and tear and replace as required.

An RV is a great road companion. Knowing how to stay safe and keep everything in check is the best way to enjoy RV services. For more information about RV insurance, speak to any Christensen Insurance Group insurance experts or visit us at our Sandy, UT offices.