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Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everything?

Umbrella insurance is a unique type of insurance coverage that varies significantly from standard homeowner’s, auto, or renter’s insurance policies. Its distinctive nature sparks numerous queries among Sandy, Utah residents, and all across the nation. A frequently asked question revolves around what precisely umbrella insurance covers.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover

Contrary to the assumption of many, umbrella insurance doesn’t provide coverage for everything. The term "everything" is incredibly broad, and the operation of umbrella insurance is quite different from that of other insurance forms.

Umbrella insurance qualifies as excess liability insurance. It springs into action only after you’ve filed a claim with your primary insurance, and outstanding liability remains after your insurance payout. Therefore, umbrella insurance covers any claims beyond what your primary insurance can accommodate.

For instance, in the event of an at-fault car accident resulting in the injury of another driver, your auto insurance coverage will cater to the individual’s medical bills. But auto insurance has its limits. If the injured driver’s medical bills or damages exceed your auto insurance coverage, this is where umbrella insurance takes over to cover the remaining amount.

Although umbrella insurance offers significant benefits to many people, it isn’t an all-covering solution. Auxiliary in nature, umbrella insurance kicks in to settle outstanding bills once you’ve exhausted your primary insurance. Should you be a Sandy, UT resident looking for a new insurance provider, we at Christensen Insurance Group always welcome new customers. We believe in providing the best coverage at affordable rates. Contact us today for a quote, and our knowledgeable insurance agents will assist you immediately.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everything?

No, umbrella insurance doesn’t cover everything. As previously mentioned, this type of insurance serves as a supplemental or excess liability coverage that only comes into play to settle liabilities remaining after the claim payout by your primary insurance.

This fundamental knowledge of umbrella insurance aids in making informed decisions concerning your insurance needs. If you want to delve further into umbrella insurance or need other insurance services in Sandy, UT, the Christensen Insurance Group team will gladly assist. Contact us today for a tailor-made insurance experience.

What Exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

We’ve all heard of the basic types of insurance coverage, like home, life, renter’s, and homeowners, but for some people, umbrella insurance may be a new type. Even if you’ve never heard of umbrella insurance before, it’s a popular type of insurance that has been around for a while. What exactly is umbrella insurance? Here is an overview so you can better understand this type of insurance. 

Supplemental Insurance

Umbrella insurance, also known as excess liability insurance, is not a standalone type of coverage. This type of insurance is purchased as a supplement to homeowners, auto, or boating insurance. If a person covered under umbrella insurance files a claim with their auto, homeowners, or boating insurance, and after paying out the maximum, there is still a remaining balance when it comes to damages, umbrella insurance will kick in and pay the difference. 

Insurance for the Wealthy?

Umbrella insurance policies are usually purchased by individuals in higher income brackets. This is because if a wealthier person is sued, they’re worth significantly more than the average person. The average person is worth less, so their primary insurance will typically cover any liability if they’re sued. However, wealthier individuals might be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars, well more than the average person. This is why umbrella insurance is so important for some people. 

Suppose you’re in need of a new insurance provider and you’re a Sandy, UT resident. In that case, we at Christensen Insurance Group accept new customers and cover the Sandy, UT area. Call us today, and one of our friendly and professional agents will be more than happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have. At Christensen Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and coverage. 

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Most people know that they need insurance to protect them from the risks of everyday life, but many don’t realize that umbrella insurance can offer additional protection. Umbrella insurance is a type of liability coverage that kicks in when the limits of other policies have been reached. It can provide peace of mind by protecting you from significant financial losses resulting from accidents or legal judgments.

What does umbrella insurance cover? Umbrella insurance typically provides broad protection against a wide range of risks, including:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Property damage
  • Legal judgments
  • Other liabilities that exceed the limits of your other insurance policies.

How much does umbrella insurance cost? The cost of umbrella insurance will depend on various factors, including the coverage limits you choose, where you live, and your individual risk profile. Typically, umbrella insurance is relatively affordable, with premiums ranging from around $150 to $300 per year.

Who should buy umbrella insurance? Anyone who wants to protect themselves against the financial risks associated with accidents, injuries, and legal judgments can benefit from purchasing an umbrella policy. However, it is vital for those at higher risk of incurring large losses due to their occupation or lifestyle, such as business owners, professionals, and high-net-worth individuals.

Umbrella insurance is essential to any comprehensive insurance plan and can provide peace of mind by helping you protect yourself from various potential financial losses. If you’re interested in learning more about umbrella insurance or getting a quote for coverage, give Christensen Insurance Group a call today. We proudly serve Sandy, UT, and the surrounding areas and are always willing to help you get the coverage you need.

Who needs umbrella insurance in Sandy, UT?

Most insurance policies include liability coverage for a reason—everyone needs liability coverage. In fact, you can never have enough liability and the best way to stay covered is by purchasing umbrella insurance. At Christensen Insurance Group, we advise our clients to buy umbrella insurance to pay for expensive liability claims. The key to deciding whether you need umbrella insurance is understanding what it covers. In this article, we will list 4 people in Sandy, UT who are likely to be affected the most if they don’t have umbrella insurance.


If you are a parent to young or teenage children, you can easily find yourself in trouble when they damage other people’s property or injure other people. Depending on where the injury or damage occurred, your home or auto insurance might not be adequate to cover all the costs. Umbrella insurance can help pay the remaining expenses.

Dog owners

Dog bites are usually covered by your homeowners’ insurance. However, if the hospital bills exceed the liability limits in your home insurance, you might need umbrella insurance to pay the rest of the bills. Umbrella insurance also pays for legal fees if you’re sued for pain and suffering.

People who drive often

If you spend long hours driving, you’re at a higher risk of getting involved in a road accident. Your auto insurance liability coverage might not be enough to cover all the damages and medical expenses. Umbrella insurance can help pay for damages and injuries sustained by other motorists if you caused an accident.

Business people and asset owners

Being a business or commercial property owner means dealing with many people, including partners, other companies, and tenants or customers. That means you’re likely to get sued for various reasons in your business or property. Such lawsuits can be quite expensive if you’re not prepared with adequate umbrella insurance.

Looking to buy umbrella insurance in Sandy, UT? Christensen Insurance Group can help you get a policy that matches your insurance needs, style, and budget. Contact us for professional advice and unmatched services.

Tips for buying umbrella insurance for the first time

Umbrella insurance is not your typical auto or home insurance. It is an extra layer of liability protection that protects you against financial losses when the liability coverage in your standard policy is not enough to cover the damages and injuries.  If it’s your first time learning about umbrella insurance in Sandy, UT, you must be wondering what the buying process is and how much insurance to buy. Christensen Insurance Group will help you learn a few tips to help you get started.

Do your research

Information is power. Buying insurance also requires mental, psychological, and financial preparation. You need to determine how much insurance you need, who or what assets will be covered in your policy, and insurance costs in your area.

Ask for referrals

The insurance company you choose is as important as the policy you intend to buy. There’s a good chance that one or several of your friends and family members have umbrella insurance. They are the best people to help you find the right insurance company.

Stick to your budget

It’s always essential to stick to your budget when buying umbrella insurance. That means only sticking with insurance companies that accommodate your budget. However, this doesn’t mean you go for the cheapest insurance company in Sandy UT. Check what the company has to offer, including discounts, before settling to buy.

Understand your policy

Never sign an insurance document that you don’t understand. Ask relevant questions, particularly areas you don’t understand. Read the terms and conditions in your policy and understand everything in detail before signing the document. This helps protect you from hidden costs and any confusing information designed to make you lose more money.

Need more information about umbrella insurance? Don’t hesitate to contact Christensen Insurance Group, and we will be happy to assist you.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

When you already have your home and auto insurance policies in place, it’s helpful to get an umbrella policy to add more coverage to them. If you need umbrella insurance, call us at Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT to get started. 

More Insurance Coverage

Getting umbrella insurance is a way of getting more coverage than the policies you already have. This type of insurance acts as a supplement, giving you more coverage for both your home and auto insurance policies. It’s broad protection against liability for both of these policies.

Liability Insurance

Your home and auto insurance policies both come with liability coverage. This is generally not in a high amount, and this can cause financial problems later. If the liability amount does not fully cover medical and other bills due after an accident in your home or vehicle, it would be up to you to pay them. With the steady rise in medical costs, it’s always a good idea to have liability coverage. However, raising the amount of liability coverage on your home and auto policies would be expensive. Many people choose to find another way to cover themselves against liability. 

How It Works

When there is an accident that you are found liable for, the first insurance policy pays the bills that are due up until it reaches its maximum payout amount. After that, the umbrella policy will pay the rest of the bills up to their maximum. With umbrella policies, the maximum is generally much higher than home and auto policy maximums. 

Make Your Appointment

If you need more liability coverage, call us at Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT to make an appointment to talk to an agent about umbrella insurance.

Top 5 reasons to get umbrella insurance

Here are the top 5 reasons to get umbrella insurance

1. Counter against expensive claims

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage for liabilities on top of your regular insurance policies. Think of it as an extra layer of coverage. Most people get insurance coverage for the state minimum requirements. That could be enough and it could not be enough and there is always a risk. Umbrella insurance reduces this risk. Umbrella insurance is especially important for people who have significant assets.

2. Protection against lawsuits

Umbrella insurance also protects you against lawsuits, which can be extremely expensive. It is not just the amount of the lawsuit that can be costly, it is also the legal representation that is expensive, especially if the duration keeps getting longer.

3. It is relatively affordable

Relative to the value that is provided by umbrella insurance, it is not that expensive. The value you get in liability insurance should make it very attractive to the insurance buyers.

4. Protect your dependents

The umbrella insurance can go a long way to protect your dependents. For example, if you have children and if they are in an unfortunate multi-car accident, your umbrella insurance can come in very handy.

5. Peace of mind

There is no greater reason to get any type of insurance than to have peace of mind. Umbrella insurance gives you the ultimate peace of mind because it can provide coverage in so many different situations.

Christensen Insurance Group serving Sandy, UT can guide you on how to manage different insurance types you have and how umbrella insurance can be ideally used to reduce your risk. Contact Christensen Insurance Group serving Sandy, UT for all your insurance needs. Our agents will be glad to discuss your current situation, preferences, and goals, and guide you through the umbrella insurance process.