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A Guide To Help Utah Residents Find RV Insurance Coverage

Christensen Insurance Group provides coverage to the Sandy, UT community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 25 years, we have strived to make sure that our clients find the right policy for their individual needs. We have working relationships with over 20 companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are proud of our status as an independent agency.

RV Insurance Guide

If you are traveling around Sandy, UT in your RV, it’s important to have protection while making these lasting memories. Consider the benefits of RV insurance. The policy allows you to cover one of your unique assets.

You can adjust your policy based on the type of RV that you have. The most popular RVs are motor homes. Collision coverage protects you if your motor home collides with an object. Comprehensive coverage protects your assets against possible theft, an accidental fire, or inclement weather. If you have a trailer or fifth wheel on your RV, you can adjust your policy to cover possible damages and theft. Liability coverage protects you if your RV damages someone else’s property. If you have passengers on your RV, liability coverage protects you if they are injured in any way.

All of your personal items on the RV are covered if they are damaged or stolen. If you plan to renovate your RV, you’ll have to amend your policy to fully cover the new accessories against possible damage and potential theft. Roadside assistance ensures that you will receive immediate help if your RV suffers a flat tire or engine failure. If your RV is severely damaged, you can add replacement coverage so that you’ll receive another one. You can also add temporary living coverage. This ensures that you are protected while finding an alternative place to stay while your RV is repaired.

Christensen Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Asset  

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