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Assessing Earthquake Risk: Determining If You Need Earthquake Insurance

As residents of Sandy, UT, we know that we live in an area prone to earthquakes. We may have felt a few tremors or heard stories from our friends and family about the damage caused by earthquakes. But how at risk are we? And do we need earthquake insurance to protect ourselves and our homes? Christensen Insurance Group explores the factors determining earthquake risk and provides guidance on whether you should consider investing in earthquake insurance.

Determining your Needs

Assessing earthquake risk is a complex process that involves several variables. Factors determining risk include your home’s location, the building’s age and stability, and the local geology. For instance, if your home is near a fault line, you may be at a higher risk of experiencing an earthquake. Similarly, if your home is older and has not been retrofitted to withstand seismic activity, it may be more susceptible to damage if an earthquake occurs in Sandy, UT.

Earthquake insurance is a type of coverage specifically designed to protect your home and belongings in an earthquake. Depending on your policy, it can cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home, replacing damaged personal property, and paying for temporary housing during the repair process. However, earthquake insurance is not mandatory in most areas, and the decision to purchase it depends on various factors. One of the primary considerations is the level of earthquake risk that your area poses.

Assessing earthquake risk is an important consideration for homeowners in Sandy, UT. By understanding the factors that determine earthquake risk, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in earthquake insurance. Remember, earthquake insurance is not mandatory but can provide valuable protection in an earthquake. Contact Christensen Insurance Group to learn more.

Reasons You May Need a Separate Earthquake Policy

Christensen Insurance Group, serving the greater Sandy, UT area, offers many insurance products, including homeowners insurance and earthquake insurance. When homeowners hear about earthquake insurance, they are often confused, as they think their homeowners’ insurance policy will cover their home in the event of an earthquake. Read on to learn more about this type of insurance and why you may need to purchase it. 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Earthquakes? 

Homeowners’ insurance typically covers things like fire, thieves, and hail. But, most policies exclude earthquakes. Most insurance policies will not cover damage to your home if an earthquake happens. Always look under the exclusions portion of a home insurance policy to see what may be excluded. You should consider purchasing your earthquake insurance if earthquakes are excluded under your policy. 

Why Should You Consider Buying an Earthquake Insurance Policy?

Buying an earthquake insurance policy is smart if you live in an area where earthquakes can happen. The policy helps cover you in many ways in case of an earthquake. First, an earthquake insurance policy helps cover any damage to your home and foundation. Earthquake insurance can also cover damage done to the belongings inside of your home due to an earthquake. Lastly, earthquake insurance will help cover the cost of living elsewhere until your home is deemed habitable if an earthquake caused substantial damage to your home. 

Christensen Insurance Group can help you find the right homeowners’ insurance and earthquake insurance policy in the greater Sandy, UT region. We work hard to ensure our customers are fully protected if something unexpected happens. Visit us today to obtain a quote for a new earthquake insurance policy. 

Are You on a Fault Zone?

An earthquake occurs somewhere in the world every 6 minutes. If you live in the United States, a major earthquake with a value of 7 or greater (very destructive) occurs at least once per month. "Great earthquakes" occur somewhere in the world at least once per year (magnitude 8 or greater) (total destruction). 

The Reality of the Risk

In Sandy, UT you have at least a moderate risk of an earthquake doing damage to your home or property. Unless you live in California or perhaps on the border of Missouri and Tennessee, you might not be able to relate to the concerns of earthquakes occurring close to your location. But the truth is, you have a pretty fair chance of incurring damage from an earthquake at some point in your life simply from the statistics alone. 

In fact, the only states that do not have an earthquake risk rating are:

  • Upper Michigan
  • Upper parts of Minnesota
  • Upper regions of Wisconsin
  • Florida
  • Parts of Nebraska
  • North Dakota

These regions have a relatively low risk of earthquakes (though the risk is still there). All of the other parts of the United States have at least a moderate risk of an earthquake at any time. Think about that! That’s why Christensen Insurance Group is there to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Like the people that experienced the terrible flood in Colorado about a decade ago, people often don’t know the real risk until something happens. 

Are Earthquakes Predictable?

The only thing predictable about an earthquake is that many of them occur every day. In fact, hundreds occur every day all over the United States alone and if you live on the West Coast or anywhere in the West or the New Madrid fault zone around Missouri, Arkansas, or Tennessee, your chances are good that you will feel a tremor or earthquake on a fairly regular basis. 

An earthquake is a good example of a natural event that is unpredictable. Like many things in life, you can’t know when something will happen. So you have to prepare in case it happens when you least expect it.

Are you insured?

The time to purchase insurance is today before you feel the rumble of an earthquake that could bring damage and destruction to your property or belongings. 

Christensen Insurance Group of Sandy, UT can help you find the earthquake insurance you need to protect your assets. Because you never know what life will bring next. 

All You Need To Know About Earthquake Insurance

According to the statistics, every year, the United States experiences 200,000 earthquakes. While most of them are small, some earthquakes can produce devastating effects. However, the majority of Americans do not carry earthquake insurance to protect their houses – there is only 8% of Americans who have it. Here, in Utah, the number is about 14%. If you are thinking about getting this specific policy for your household,  here is useful information that will help you to understand earthquake insurance better. 

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

Earthquake insurance will cover the costs that you sustain from losing your residence in case of an earthquake. There are three main components: your home itself (referred to as a dwelling), personal belongings, and additional living expenses. It will not cover fire that is caused by an earthquake (it will be covered by standard home insurance), damages to vehicles, fences, and pools. Damages to the land are also not covered. If there is any damage caused by a flood or hurricane as a result of the earthquake, earthquake insurance will not cover it – it is covered by flood insurance. 

How Does Filing A Claim Work?

After the earthquake occurred, a policyholder should contact the insurance company and notify them of the event and any visible damages. After filing a claim, an adjuster from the insurance company will arrive to perform an in-depth inspection. Their job is to evaluate the damages and estimate the costs of repairing or rebuilding the house. 

If you live in Salt Lake City or Sandy, UT, you do not have to worry about earthquakes too much. However, they still occur, and it usually happens when you least expect. Therefore, if you want to protect your home and have peace of mind, then earthquake insurance is what you need to get. Christensen Insurance Group serving Sandy, UT is ready to help you to find an insurance plan you need. Do not hesitate to call Christensen Insurance Group today to get more information about earthquake insurance options available.