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Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everything?

Umbrella insurance is a unique type of insurance coverage that varies significantly from standard homeowner’s, auto, or renter’s insurance policies. Its distinctive nature sparks numerous queries among Sandy, Utah residents, and all across the nation. A frequently asked question revolves around what precisely umbrella insurance covers.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover

Contrary to the assumption of many, umbrella insurance doesn’t provide coverage for everything. The term "everything" is incredibly broad, and the operation of umbrella insurance is quite different from that of other insurance forms.

Umbrella insurance qualifies as excess liability insurance. It springs into action only after you’ve filed a claim with your primary insurance, and outstanding liability remains after your insurance payout. Therefore, umbrella insurance covers any claims beyond what your primary insurance can accommodate.

For instance, in the event of an at-fault car accident resulting in the injury of another driver, your auto insurance coverage will cater to the individual’s medical bills. But auto insurance has its limits. If the injured driver’s medical bills or damages exceed your auto insurance coverage, this is where umbrella insurance takes over to cover the remaining amount.

Although umbrella insurance offers significant benefits to many people, it isn’t an all-covering solution. Auxiliary in nature, umbrella insurance kicks in to settle outstanding bills once you’ve exhausted your primary insurance. Should you be a Sandy, UT resident looking for a new insurance provider, we at Christensen Insurance Group always welcome new customers. We believe in providing the best coverage at affordable rates. Contact us today for a quote, and our knowledgeable insurance agents will assist you immediately.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everything?

No, umbrella insurance doesn’t cover everything. As previously mentioned, this type of insurance serves as a supplemental or excess liability coverage that only comes into play to settle liabilities remaining after the claim payout by your primary insurance.

This fundamental knowledge of umbrella insurance aids in making informed decisions concerning your insurance needs. If you want to delve further into umbrella insurance or need other insurance services in Sandy, UT, the Christensen Insurance Group team will gladly assist. Contact us today for a tailor-made insurance experience.