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Reasons You May Need a Separate Earthquake Policy

Christensen Insurance Group, serving the greater Sandy, UT area, offers many insurance products, including homeowners insurance and earthquake insurance. When homeowners hear about earthquake insurance, they are often confused, as they think their homeowners’ insurance policy will cover their home in the event of an earthquake. Read on to learn more about this type of insurance and why you may need to purchase it. 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Earthquakes? 

Homeowners’ insurance typically covers things like fire, thieves, and hail. But, most policies exclude earthquakes. Most insurance policies will not cover damage to your home if an earthquake happens. Always look under the exclusions portion of a home insurance policy to see what may be excluded. You should consider purchasing your earthquake insurance if earthquakes are excluded under your policy. 

Why Should You Consider Buying an Earthquake Insurance Policy?

Buying an earthquake insurance policy is smart if you live in an area where earthquakes can happen. The policy helps cover you in many ways in case of an earthquake. First, an earthquake insurance policy helps cover any damage to your home and foundation. Earthquake insurance can also cover damage done to the belongings inside of your home due to an earthquake. Lastly, earthquake insurance will help cover the cost of living elsewhere until your home is deemed habitable if an earthquake caused substantial damage to your home. 

Christensen Insurance Group can help you find the right homeowners’ insurance and earthquake insurance policy in the greater Sandy, UT region. We work hard to ensure our customers are fully protected if something unexpected happens. Visit us today to obtain a quote for a new earthquake insurance policy.