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Does Utah require sailboat insurance?

Utah Has Some of the Strictest Boat Insurance and Registration Requirements

Boating in Utah, there are many requirements to stay legal on the state’s waters. Registration for both motorboats and sailboats is required, though kayaks and other smaller boats are exempt. PWC, or personal watercraft that use a motor and a jet of water for propulsion, also require registration. Currently, only motorboats with a 50 horsepower or greater motor are required to carry liability insurance, which is more than most sailboats would use as a backup. They aren’t required to carry insurance by law. Sailboats may be required by places they visit or are stored, such as marinas, to have minimum levels of insurance coverage. With today’s busy waterways, these requirements may change, and insurance is always a good idea to protect yourself, especially on larger or more valuable boats. Keep in touch with Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT to stay abreast of changes in Utah boating insurance requirements.

Out-of-State Visitors Need to Meet Home-State Requirements

If you’re bringing a sailboat from another state, Utah allows up to 90 days to register your boat and insure it as a resident. Otherwise, adherence to your home state’s registration and insurance requirements is required when visiting. Of course, you’re still liable for accidents and at risk for your own boat’s safety if something happens, so coverage is still wise.

No Matter What Insurance You Carry, Follow the Utah Boating Checklist

Utah has a list of requirements based on vessel size, including warning devices, life vests, throwable floatation devices, and bailing devices. If you have insurance, ensure you meet state requirements for your vessel and any additional insurance requirements. Call Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT, and we can help.