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Common RV accidents and how to avoid them

As RVs become more and more popular in Sandy, UT, RV accidents are increasing by the day. It is an excellent way of spending holidays, especially during the summer. However, many new users find themselves making small mistakes that end up causing accidents. At Christensen Insurance Group, we value your safety and therefore recommend buying RV insurance. Whether you are visiting distant relatives or touring the state, here are some of the common RV accidents and how to avoid them.


RVs are more prone to rolling over than other types of vehicles due to their higher center of gravity. High winds also contribute to an RV rolling over, especially if it is lightweight. If your RV is unevenly loaded, it can also rollover. To counter this, try and keep your speed down, park where there are more trees to keep the winds in check and make sure that your RV is correctly loaded before hitting the roads.


Collisions happen everywhere, and it is no different with RVs. Your RV can collide with a tree, a stone, a guard rail, or another car. Fifth wheel vehicles can quickly get out of control and cause major accidents. To help avoid collisions, be sure to keep your speed limit low or even lower when you experience extra dexterity on the roads. Avoid driving while tired or sleepy, and keep a safe distance when driving on the highway.

Tire blowouts

Blowing a tire can be a dramatic and frustrating event, especially when it happens with an RV. Losing a tire in the middle of a highway is a nightmare by itself as it is likely to cause chaos for all the other cars on the highway. To avoid this unfortunate incident, regularly check your tires for wear and tear and replace as required.

An RV is a great road companion. Knowing how to stay safe and keep everything in check is the best way to enjoy RV services. For more information about RV insurance, speak to any Christensen Insurance Group insurance experts or visit us at our Sandy, UT offices.

Motorcycle Season is Almost Here – Do You Have Adequate Insurance Protection?

As you get your bike ready for the motorcycle season, don’t forget to include a review of your insurance policy as part of your preparations. Christensen Insurance Group is here to help you learn more about the policy options that are available to bike owners in the greater Sandy UT area. 

Do You Have Adequate Motorcycle Insurance Protection?

Many people in Utah choose a basic motorcycle policy that just meets the state’s insurance requirements. Unfortunately, while these policies do give you some amount of protection, they are often inadequate if your bike is stolen, you are involved in an accident that causes serious injuries, or you are involved in an incident with an uninsured driver.

No one wants to go out for a nice, relaxing ride only to find themselves in a bad financial situation. When you have a comprehensive motorcycle policy, you can rest assured that you will have the protection you need. Theft and damage to your bike aren’t life-threatening situations, but they can be serious financial ones. There’s no reason to have to come out of pocket for such instances, or even worse, have to be financially liable after a serious accident. Don’t let either situation become your reality – opt for a policy that provides the coverage that’s right for your needs!


Give Christensen Insurance Group a call before you head out on the road. We are here to serve the greater Sandy UT community and provide the insurance help you need. Don’t find out after it’s too late that your basic bike policy does not provide the protection you need. We are here to answer your questions and help you navigate the process of choosing the right motorcycle insurance policy for your needs.

When does someone need to have boat insurance?

If you are in the Sandy, UT area, there are many great days during the summer months that make it fun to own a boat. If you do have a boat, you need to make sure that you get it properly insured. There are several situations when someone will want to have insurance for their boat. 

When They Want Liability Protection

The first situation when someone will need to have boat insurance is when they want to have liability protection. If you are operating a boat, there is always a chance that there could be an accident that you cause. When this occurs, you will have to pay restitution. If you have boat insurance, you will have coverage to help offset and protect against this risk with liability insurance. This is one of the most important form of insurance you can hold on your vessel.

When they Want Protection for Asset

Another reason why you need to have boat insurance is that it will provide you with protection for your asset. Buying and maintaining a boat comes with a lot of expenses and investments. The last thing that you will want to have happened is to lose this investment due to damage or theft. Fortunately, you can get a boat insurance policy that will give you coverage to protect this asset.

There are many reasons to get boat insurance, and picking the right policy can be confusing. When you are in the Sandy, UT area, and are looking for boat insurance, you should call the team at the Christensen Insurance Group. When you speak with the team at the Christensen Insurance Group, you can be assured that our policies will cover your boat for any situation. We are happy to help you review your boating needs and help you find a policy that provides the right protection.

Top 5 reasons to get umbrella insurance

Here are the top 5 reasons to get umbrella insurance

1. Counter against expensive claims

Umbrella insurance provides extra coverage for liabilities on top of your regular insurance policies. Think of it as an extra layer of coverage. Most people get insurance coverage for the state minimum requirements. That could be enough and it could not be enough and there is always a risk. Umbrella insurance reduces this risk. Umbrella insurance is especially important for people who have significant assets.

2. Protection against lawsuits

Umbrella insurance also protects you against lawsuits, which can be extremely expensive. It is not just the amount of the lawsuit that can be costly, it is also the legal representation that is expensive, especially if the duration keeps getting longer.

3. It is relatively affordable

Relative to the value that is provided by umbrella insurance, it is not that expensive. The value you get in liability insurance should make it very attractive to the insurance buyers.

4. Protect your dependents

The umbrella insurance can go a long way to protect your dependents. For example, if you have children and if they are in an unfortunate multi-car accident, your umbrella insurance can come in very handy.

5. Peace of mind

There is no greater reason to get any type of insurance than to have peace of mind. Umbrella insurance gives you the ultimate peace of mind because it can provide coverage in so many different situations.

Christensen Insurance Group serving Sandy, UT can guide you on how to manage different insurance types you have and how umbrella insurance can be ideally used to reduce your risk. Contact Christensen Insurance Group serving Sandy, UT for all your insurance needs. Our agents will be glad to discuss your current situation, preferences, and goals, and guide you through the umbrella insurance process.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Driving Rain Damage

When it comes to owning a home, you have tons of questions that need answers to help you understand the limits of policy coverage. One question that many homeowners have is whether their home insurance covers damage resulting from wind-driven rain, or if that falls under flood insurance coverage.

Wind-Driven Water

If you have home insurance coverage in place, it will usually cover wind-driven water damage from a storm or a similar situation. Flood insurance covers typical standing water and the damage that occurs from that instance. In order to learn more about policy specifics, it is wise to work with an insurance agent who can help guide the policy purchase process and thoroughly explains the terms and conditions related to each policy, as well as the limits of coverage. Customers who have complete knowledge of their insurance limits can then decide if additional policies or coverage options are necessary to avoid gaps and offer complete protection.

Work With An Agent

If you are looking for a quality insurance policy that offers the right amount of protection, seek the assistance of an insurance agent from Christensen Insurance Group, serving the residents of Salt Lake City and Sandy, UT. We can work one on one with customers to ensure they are getting the options they need to protect their property. We can also help with any claims or changes to the policy over the course of time.

If you have questions about home insurance and want informative answers, call or stop by Christensen Insurance Group of Sandy, UT. We can help you discover the right products to provide total coverage and protection. 

What is Life Insurance For?

Most people know that life insurance is important. There are still many folks who ask the question, "what is life insurance for?" The answer to that question will vary for each person, and there needs, but the simple answer is that life insurance is exactly that, insurance for your life.

It is insurance for the sadly expected and heartbreakingly unexpected and will cover things like funeral expenses or any remaining debts. We want to leave our loved ones with memories and gifts, not bills and burdens. Find out more about your insurance options and how the right insurance policy can help you and your family. Residents in Sandy, UT have already discovered that the Christensen Insurance Group can help with all your life insurance needs. 

Life insurance is also for the here and now, not only for end-of-life concerns. A policy can be structured as a type of savings towards your child’s college tuition. A whole-term policy can allow people to save up a safety net as these policies build value over time. Life insurance is also for your life today.

Were you aware that some types of life insurance policies can be used to help diversify investments, such as various types of universal life policies? Yes, life insurance is about much more than taking care of your loved ones after you leave. It is also about taking care of them while we are here and taking care of ourselves too.

If you are looking for an insurance provider, shopping insurance rates, or want to understand better what life insurance is for and what it can do for you, contact us today. We are the Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT, and we can help. Let us help you better understand what life insurance is for and find the right policy for you. Contact our office for more information.

Check Your Supplemental Auto Insurance Options Before Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and in some places, it’s already struck. If you haven’t already looked into supplemental auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, now’s the time to do so. You will want to know if any circumstances that apply more during the winter affect your car and risk level of accidents and other catastrophic events. A Christensen Insurance Group agent can provide you with information about what’s available in your situation in the Sandy, UT area.

No-Fault State Requirements

Since Utah is a no-fault state, it’s required that you have $3,000 for personal injury protection. Further, Utah law mandates insurance companies to offer $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $65,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $15,000 per accident for property.

Regardless of what’s required, it’s always recommended that you have additional coverage – known as supplemental insurance coverage. You can discuss your needs to include various circumstances right when you first get insurance, no matter the time of year. If you haven’t thought of getting extra coverage yet, it’s an ideal time for it.

Don’t Drop That Coverage

If you think it’s a good idea to lower your car insurance or get rid of it entirely in the winter, you would be wrong. It’s just as important to have insurance even when you don’t drive your car as often. For one thing, the roads are more dangerous, and accidents occur more frequently. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of coverage in the event something happens that causes significant damage to your vehicle and injuries that lead to high medical bills.

No matter the type of vehicle you drive, you’ll do well to find out what supplemental insurance options are offered from a reputable company like Christensen Insurance Group. Serving the greater Sandy, UT region over the years, our company has many satisfied customers and beneficial offerings.

3 Ways to Protect Your Small Business Against Natural Disasters

Every business has its share of risks, some more than others due to their location. If your business is situated in an area prone to a natural disaster such as wildfire, blizzards, floods, etc., take time to prepare for these risks in advance. The following tips from Christensen Insurance Group can be helpful in protecting your small business in Sandy, UT against the risk of natural disasters.

Identify Disaster Risks in Your Business Area

Identify potential disaster risks in your business area and assess how these risks could affect your business, employees and customer base. Discuss emergency procedures you should take in the event of a disaster to protect your business and employees. Look for ways to protect your property, inventory, and equipment from weather based disasters to minimize your loss.

Create a Plan for Handling Disasters

You can’t prevent disasters from occurring but you can be prepared with a disaster recovery plan to help your company handle catastrophic events. Designate a team to be in charge of creating and executing this plan if and when the time comes. Divide responsibilities between team members so each person knows what their role is in a disaster. Make sure your employees know what to do in the event of a disaster and that they have an evacuation plan to keep them safe when disaster strikes.

Purchase Adequate Commercial Insurance Coverage

Make sure you have adequate commercial insurance to protect your business against a disaster. This includes sufficient liability, property damage and business interruption coverage to help you recover from disaster results. Review your policy regularly to ensure you’re covered for disasters common to your area and that this coverage is current with your business needs.  

For more information about commercial insurance coverage to protect your small business against disasters, contact Christensen Insurance Group in Sandy, UT.

Winter Storms: What Homeowners Need To Know

Winter Storms: What Homeowners Need To Know

As a homeowner, it makes sense that you’re concerned about the potential damage of winter storms in the cold months ahead. Follow these tips to make sure your home is prepared for the winter. 

– Have a qualified professional look over your heating system. This is one thing you want to be sure is in working order before  you need it. Checking things out now will make sure that your heat is working and ready to keep your family warm during the times of winter when it’s difficult or impossible for repair personnel to make it to your home. 

– Trim tree branches and clean gutters. Taking care of these outdoor maintenance tasks will ensure that your home is able to withstand the water and wind that winter storms often bring. Trimming trees ensures that heavy branches won’t fall on and damage your home. If you don’t feel up to the task, talk with a professional to get the job done before the weather turns cold. 

– Check your home for drafts, and apply insulation where necessary. This will prepare you for storms and help you save on winter heating bills.

– Check your homeowners insurance policy for storm damage specifics. If you find that you’re unhappy with the coverage offered, talk with your insurance company about increasing coverage. 

Call Christensen Insurance Group, serving Sandy, UT

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been in the game for a long time, you know the importance of having a solid homeowners insurance policy in place before winter hits. Call Christensen Insurance Group, serving Sandy, UT to talk about options for your coverage. We want to help you get prepared for the tough winter ahead.

Sandy, UT Homeowners Take Advantage of Disaster Protection With Home Insurance

As homeowners, it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected. For example, natural disasters and unfortunate events find themselves across the nation and even across the Utah state periodically. The agents at Christensen Insurance Group understand the importance of being prepared in your home. The damage that can happen to a home during a natural disaster is extensive and can leave the homeowner with quite the obligation financially if their home is not insured. Examples of these disasters are below.

Hail Damage

Hail has the potential to span the entire Utah state, making all homeowners vulnerable to this type of damage. Paired with thunderstorms, hail is a large type of precipitation that has frozen in the air before coming down hard and fast on your home. Because of its size and the speed, it is traveling, it has been known to do significant damages to homes that include breaking windows, destroying gutters, or putting just the right amount of pressure on a dated roof, forcing it to cave.

Fire Damage

Whether an accidental fire is caused from lighting in a thunderstorm or accidental within the home, a fire is one of the leading natural disasters that can destroy a significant portion of a home, or the entire home, depending on the conditions. In many cases, fire damage repair includes replacing rooms in their entirety, making it a large expense to an uncovered homeowner.

Get Disaster Protection Today

If you are a homeowner in or around the Sandy, UT area looking for a new policy or wanting to upgrade a current policy, contact the Christensen Insurance Group today. Our agents are ready to assist you with a new or existing home insurance policy, ensuring that you get maximum disaster protection for your home.